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FAQs Why Establish FEPOW Day ?

    The FEPOWs and their families have never had a day when those who died or suffered in the Far East during World War 2 could be an be remembered, they deserve more.

FAQs Why August 15th ?

    A poll was held and the many FEPOWs who took part believed that the day the Japanese surrendered is the day they gained their freedom and could look back and remember those who died during captivity.

 FAQs Why donations ?

    FEPOW Day funds itself, any donations will help to buy wreaths for FEPOW Day



FAQs Where will the gatherings take place ?

    There is no fixed place as FEPOW Day is world wide with many nationalities being involved

FAQs Where can I obtain a pin ?

    Pins can be ordered from this site under Support/Pins

FAQs Where does the pin money go ?

    Any profit made on the pins goes towards the purchase of wreaths and web site costs



FAQs How Can FEPOW Day be achieved ?

    FEPOW Day is established, two gatherings have taken place in 2007, one in Glasgow and the other in Great Yarmouth.

FAQs How can I help ?

    Support FEPOW Day by joining the FEPOW Day Group, wearing a pin to make others aware and if possible join in a gathering on FEPOW Day.

FAQs How can we obtain FEPOW Day pins for our museum ?

FAQs How does wearing a pin help ?

    It is noticed, questions are asked, making others aware




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