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Support for FEPOW Remembrance Day on August 15th requires your help. You can do this by by making others aware of the day.

Please add your name to our web petition, also write to your organisation, local MP making them aware that FEPOW Day should be a day of remembrance for all those who were held as Japanese Prisoners of War during World War II., whatever nationality, color or religion, whether service personnel, civilians or romusha.


Donations Donations - Please help us supply wreaths in the FEPOW’s Remembrance

Pins Pins - Promotional Enamel Pins (will be available soon).

Form Printable Form - To collect signatures from work mates, clubs or neighbours

      Form.jpg  Form.jpg - To be downloaded and saved to home computer

Participants Participants - Those who have backed August 15th as FEPOW Day

Draft Letter Draft Letter - Please use this letter to notify others




FEPOW Heroes


Win Rainer

(Wife of a Fepow)


One will never know the price they paid

Suffering themselves, a sacrifice they made,

When all was lost, didn't give in

Often lost hope and couldn't win,

They gave of themselves, desperate to survive

A frantic effort to keep their mates alive,

What finer glory could they achieve?

Their courage against adversity we must honour and believe,

What faith in those, for those that despaired

The gentle strength of those who cared,

Love has no equal one man for another

They are entwined brother for brother.





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