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Below is a draft letter, please use it to help compose a letter promoting FEPOW Remembrance Day. Also please add your name to the petition.


30th April 2007



Subject:  FEPOW Remembrance Day August 15th


The FEPOW Remembrance Day Group are writing to your organization today to seek support in our attempts to establish a FEPOW (Far Eastern Prisoner of War) Remembrance Day on August 15th.

The FEPOW’s endured 3 years of the most horrific mental and physical treatment, including malnutrition, tropical diseases etc.  Those lucky enough to return home continued to suffer in silence, with continuous nightmares and bad health yet they endeavored to try and live normal lives, never complaining or asking for anything.  They have never been fully recognized for all the mental and physical torment they went through and we would like to see that they are permanently honored with a memorial day in their name.

If established, FEPOW Day will be a day of remembrance for all those who were held as Japanese Prisoners of War during World War II., whatever nationality, color or religion, whether service personnel, civilians or romusha.

As your organization are already aware of the FEPOW’s suffering during and after World War 11.  Could we ask you to support FEPOW Day on August 15th?

This day was selected, as it is the day Japan surrendered and those who gained their freedom could look back and remember lost mates who did not make it through the nightmarish existence of the Japanese labor camps.

If your organization would be kind enough to add your name by supporting Fepow Day, the remaining FEPOW’s and their families would very much appreciate it.

More information may be found at http://www.fepow-day.org where a web petition and draft letter are available to add your support.

Please help us to make this a day we can universally remember the FEPOW’s, whether in our own home or at gatherings.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Very Sincerely,


On behalf of The FEPOW Remembrance Day Group





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