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Sketch by Charles Thrale


The following were written by Fepows and their families.

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A Prisoners Prayer A Prisoners Prayer by Maurice Rooney (Fepow)

Changi PoW Camp Changi PoW Camp by Unknown

Dreams Dreams by Unknown (Fepow)

Fidelity Fidelity by Unknown (Fepow)

Hope HOPE by Cpl. Conrad Russell (Fepow)

If Winter Comes If Winter Comes by Corporal Frank (Flo) Florence, Kobe House, Japan

Liberation Liberation by Maurice Rooney (Fepow)

My Cel My Cel by Leo (Fepow)

Our Feathered Friend The Sparrow Our Feathered Friend The Sparrow by Unknown (FEPOW)

Ptrayer of a Fepow Prayer of a Fepow by Unknown (Fepow)

Recollections Recollectioms by Herbert Grimshaw (FEPOW)

Released Released by Unknown (Fepow)

Road to USA Road to USA by J.W. “Ramp” Bowen, Bdr R.A. (Fepow)

Takanakas Little Car Takanakas Little Car by Norman Colley (FEPOW)

The Stevedore's Swing The Stevedore's Swing by Norman Colley (FEPOW)

Thoughts Thoughts by Unknown (Fepow)

Thoughts of England Thoughts of England by W Richardson 1943 (Fepow)

Verses From Changi Prison Verses From Changi Prison by Unknown (Fepow)


This collection of poems and verse was started by the late Maurice Rooney




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