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The following were written by Fepows and their families.

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A Child Soldiers Mother A Child Soldier's Mother by Mary Michael (Daughter of a Fepow)

A Light From the Lisbon Maru A Light From the Lisbon Maru by Bert Garradley (Fepow)

Army that Was Betrayed Army that Was Betrayed by Arthur Lane (FEPOW)

Changi Stew Changi Stew by John Clement (Fepow)

Christmas Day in Taiwan Christmas Day in Taiwan by Maurice Rooney (Fepow)

Disabled Squaddie  Disabled Squaddie by Arthur Lane (Fepow)

Down the Mine Down the Mine Song by Trumpeter Arthur Smith (Fepow)

Fall of Corregidor Fall of Corregidor by Cpl. Conrad Russell (Fepow)

FEPOW FEPOW by Bill Duncan

FEPOW Guide To Life FEPOW Guide To Life by Win Rainer (Wife of a FEPOW)

Five Thousand Five Thousand by John W. `Ramp“ Bowen (Fepow)

Forgotten Army Forgotten Army by T.Harrison

Kobe House Blues Kobe House Blues by Norman “Yagi” Colley (Fepow)

The Hill On Taiwan Hill On Taiwan by Trumpeter Arthur Smith (Fepow)

Lament Lament by Norman “Yagi” Colley (Fepow)

Laughing Boy Laughing Boy Song by Trumpeter Arthur Smith (Fepow)

Lisbon Maru Lisbon Maru (Martyrs of the East) by James Gow (Fepow)

Little Boys That Churchill Forgot Little Boys That Churchill Forgot by Norman Colley (Fepow)

Nightmares Nightmares by Arthur Lane (Fepow)

Night Terror Night Terror by Arthur Lane (FEPOW)

No Hand To Hold No Hand To Hold by B.O Miller (Fepow)

My Jailers My Jailers by Unknown (Bataan)

 One God Too Many Devils  One God Too Many Devils by Arthur Lane (Fepow)

Prison Camp Mirage Prison Camp Mirage by Sydney Huimphreys (Fepow)

Quitter Quitter by Robert W Service

Rice Rice by Unknown (Fepow)

Singapore Singapore by Unknown

Singapore The Mighty Fortress Singapore The Mighty Fortress by Unknown

Soldiers Lament  Soldiers Lament by Arthur Lane (Fepow)

Song of the Railroad Song of the Railroad by Frank Samethini (Dutch Fepow)

Special Parade Special Parade by Frederick Noel Taylor (Fepow)

Taiwan POW Camp No2 1942 Taiwan POW Camp No2 1942 by Maurice Rooney (Fepow)

The Dance The Dance by Unknown (Bataan)

The Railway The Railway (Son of a Fepow)

Thoughts of a soldier Thoughts of a soldier by Arthur Lane (Fepow)

Unknown Grave Unknown Grave by Ron Taylor (Son of a FEPOW)

Victim Victim by Pip Neal

Work Work by Unknown



This collection of poems and verse was started by the late Maurice Rooney




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