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Liverpool FEPOW Day Parade



Sunday 15th August 2010

Far East Vets, former FEPOWs and their families came together on Sunday for what is likely to be a final mustering and rememberence service dedicated to the Far Eastern Prisoners of War. The moving service organised by NESA, took place on VJ day at Christ the King Church in Childwall and was followed by a parade and buffet at the local parish centre.

The day went well and was greeted by sunny weather. Two FEPOW survivors, Adam (Jock) Gordon, Arthur Lane and Far East Vet Joe Carberry as well as family members of those who suffered in the Japanese camps all said that they had enjoyed the day, the chance to show their respect and keep alive the memory of the forgotten army and the forgotten atrocities.

When the FEPOWs finally returned home after the war they stepped ashore at Liverpool. It was therefore a fitting location at which to hold the service which was attended by former Veterans Minister Derek Twigg, Major Pavel Kuznetsov (assistant to the Russian military attache), Gary Hilton (Merseyside Police) and MEP for the northwest Nick Griffin. Other MPs and MEPs who could not attend the service sent their regards.  

Thank You:-

NESA would like to thank all those who helped to organise the day as well as those who attended. Above all, thanks to all those who suffered for the triumph of civilisation.

Special thanks to:-

The Irish Guards Singers

John Hyland (IGS)

Paul Delany (IGS)

The Band of the Ellesmere Port Sea Cadets

Cdr Cioma (EPSC)

1913 Sqn ATC (Knotty Ash)

610 Sqn ATC (Chester) (Bugler Sgt C. Clayton)

Jay Axon (Piper)

Alan Dickins (RAFA)

RAF Association (Huyton & Roby branch)

John Darby (RASCTA)

John Smith (Korean Vets)

Father Grant Maddock

The Reverend John Williams MBE

The Reverend George Perera

Vera (CtK Parish Centre)

The families of the FEPOWs and Far Eastern Vets.

Derek Lorenz (Parade Marshal)

Bobby Lynch (Liverpool Scottish regt)

Peter MacDonald (Steward)

Help for Heroes (Liverpool)

Support our Soldiers (Liverpool)

Liverpool Scottish Regt Museum

Merseyside Police

The Russian Embassy

Ian Cuthbert (Liverpool Council)

St Johns Ambulance Brigade

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