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2008 Remembrance Parade in Ubon Ratchathani

The Remembrance Service is a tribute to the people of Ubon Ratchathani for their compassion and help to Allied Prisoners Of War (POWs) during World War Two (WW2). The service took place on Tuesday 11th November.


The service started early (after a last minute change of plan) and the Deputy Governor arrived at 1030hrs at the Monument of Merit in Tungsi Muang Park. (This is in the north-east corner of the park.)

Governer and Guests

This year with the local governor involved, he and his people put on various events over three days. 9th, 10th and 11th.  The Farang (foreigners) were only involved on the 11th.

Spectators at the Remembrance Service

We had an itinerary,  however, I was informed (only the night before), that the governor had changed the itinerary, after all it is his park, so we went along with it.  The only problem was that many of the expats didn’t turn up until 1045, as they were going by my itinerary.

Some Attendees
Spectators at the Remembrance Service

The band played and the parade arrived at 1000 (with a military marching band), the governor arrived at 1030 and many of the wreaths were laid.

Paul Shadmy
Paul Shadmy laid the FEPOW wreath for the FEPOW Family. Paul  Ex 22 year British soldier.

The Remembrance and FEPOW wreaths were laid after the speeches but before the presentations.


Loui (Ian Llwellyn) laid the remembrance wreath and lit the torch.  Ex Australian soldier.

The torch was lit before the ‘exhortation’ and two minutes silence which preceded the launching of the (I don’t know what they’re called) hot air balloon.

The Balloon

Overall everyone thought that it had gone very well. On the other hand they didn’t know that everything had changed at the last minute. Apparently next year it will be and even bigger event.

Me Two Mins

Bob Longridge made the speeches and presentation as a token of thanks.  Ex 22 year Brit.

Gov Tom Niece Little Mother Ubon

Deputy Governor, Tom and the niece of ‘Little Mother Ubon’.

 Tom was the instigator back in 2006, he made a special presentation to the lady.

John Panya Tom Me

Panya (the governors organizer) with John (professor and interpreter).

Me Presentation

Tom (nickname) presenting Saratsawadee Naglerwas with flowers.

 Saratsawadee Naglerwas was thanked for being the ‘Thai’ organizer. She has helped on all of the services. The flowers Tom presented were a thank you for the help given.

Bob Longridge





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